Taiwan gang complete

With the arrival of Joe the Taiwan reunion is complete. Joe also had a role in my being here as he introduced Lisa to Janie and Rex (owners of Pokey, my predecessor). Lisa actually met Pokey before meeting Janie and Rex, he was delivered to their Taiwan home and handed over to Lisa before Rex arrived to make the formal introductions. After travelling from Japan what a shock to his system that must have been, as I am on my 3rd set of humans I can empathise a bit.

We have a big BBQ at home to celebrate with an appropriate international selection of drinks from Korea, Japan and here. After scavenging what little I can from the BBQ and dinner table I keep my distance and let them reminisce in at least 3 languages about life over a decade ago with Dalmatians past and present a major topic of conversation. Over the course of the evening photos of my breed ancestor are found and spots compared, we won’t get into a beauty contest here. The way Pokey fawned over my humans is disgusting, none of that sloppiness here.


20130510-093248 AM.jpg

20130510-093315 AM.jpg

As usual with Asian gatherings the quantity of food exceeds the collective appetite so it looks like ribs and chicken for lunch tomorrow as well, some of which may well have my name attached to it. Perhaps I need to practise my fawning. Everyone tires surprisingly early due to the food and jet lag, not to mention the alcohol.

20130510-094617 AM.jpgThe gang 10 years ago

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