Stunning Yosemite

Buckingham – Mark drags me (or is it the other way round) up the mountain this morning as the sun comes up over the tops.  Nice view when you get up there.

We head off to the Yosemite National Park after breakfast following the Merced river upstream and the sun is out with not a cloud in the sky.  We pay the mandatory $20 to the park service to enter and then the first stop is Bridalveil falls.  Throughout the day our routes will be restricted to paved paths on the valley floor because my paws are not permitted on any of the trails.   Good thing really as this means no more hills.   At the foot of the falls we meet a crowd of travellers from Beijing who all want to be photographed with me – I am a model dog.   It is very icy and I nearly have Mark over as he hangs onto me.

We pass the famous El Capitan, a towering sheer 3,000ft monolith. the book says that the oldest person to climb it is 81 and the youngest 11!   Thank god that Dalmatians don’t do climbing!

We drive to the head of the valley, park the car and walk to Mirror lake at the foot of Half Dome – one of the major features, although Lisa is not convinced that it is really Half Dome. It’s a nice and easy 2.6 miles with plenty of interest for me, including passing a sign that says you’re entering mountain lion area.  If you see one, stay calm, make yourself look big by raising your arms and opening your coat (I’ll just raise my tail).   And if it attacks, fight back.  Thanks for the warning!!

Lunch at the village and I have to defend their food from another dog and a few rather large ravens – some bread for me at last – will have to do this guarding thing more often.

We save the best til last and go to the recommended photo op at Tunnel view. Just the right time of day as the sun is behind us and shining directly up the valley on all its highlights.

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