Santa Rosa to Mendocino

Buckingham – We are the first and only occupants of the dog park early this morning until a pit bull puppy turns up.  Her human has no control over her so I have to action to protect mine, can’t stand unruly dogs!

Our morning is taken up doing paperwork and then we fulfil a longtime ambition of Lisa’s and visit the Charlie Brown museum. Charles Schultz, known as Sparky (his uncle nicknamed him at 2 days old after Spark Plug,  a horse in the Barney Google’s comic) apparently built it, the ice rink and the tennis courts.   He spent 30 years here drawing cartoons, eating breakfast and lunch at The Warm Puppy Cafe.

We leave Santa Rosa in the afternoon and drive north along 101 before heading towards the coast on 128.   A stunning road surrounded by skyscraper redwood tress.   What a nice drive it is and the Sports Drive of the BMW comes into its own on the curves and hills, although the Thule on top of the car throws the handling off.

Along the way we stop at the Navarro winery to do a tasting.  As usual, Mark goes in and Lisa slowly follows behind and prepares me to put on my best behaviour.  It works every time.  I’m in the tasting room and although I do not sample the wine I am provided with crackers.   The winery even have their own dog park next to the lama field, what strange creatures, like fluffy deer.

On to the pretty coastal town of Mendocino, where we go down to the beach and watch one of my brethren body surfing in the waves (quite literally).   Of course I go nowhere near the water.   The waves are stunning.   It reminds Mark of the coast of Devon.  They have dinner at a nice but pricey restaurant called 955 Ukiah but  just normal fare for me in the back of the car.

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