Santa Fe – Getting into a routine

Buckingham – We are here for a week and are getting into a sort of routine, up at dawn to drive for a run.  This morning it was -8.5C (that’s 16.5*f for our American friends) and at over 7,000 feet that is quite cold.  We discover that running up the hills at this elevation isn’t as easy as at sea level.  From the dog park we can see over town in one direction and out to the distant snow-capped mountains in the other – makes the early start worthwhile.

Home for breakfast, which today is substantial as we need our energy for the house hunting expedition.  I have been told that SF is a contender in the place to live stakes.

They leave me at home and go to see 6 properties with Melissa.  The typical adobe houses are very charming although the last house, even that the entire area is built by one developer and it’s made of timber, is stunning with an entire glass frontage and a central courtyard.   Lisa is trying hard to convince Mark SF is the place to settle.

They come home to take me to see the State Capitol of Santa Fe.  It is built in the shape of a Zia sun symbol with a large collection of art and monumental sculptures throughout the grounds.

We turn a block to see the San Miguel Mission, built in 1610, is the oldest church in the United States.  Unfortunately, it is closed for viewing so Lisa takes a few quick snaps from the outside which is good because the chill factor is still rather high.

We go back to the dog park where I play with my fav toy and after a short rest at the condo and Mark gets his dream.  They bundle up and walk to Maria’s for their famous margaritas.  The food is enormous and Lisa loves her newly discovered posole (Mexican pork and hominy stew).  They bring back the oven fresh tortillas for me and it’s mmm-mmm-good!

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