Red (hot) Rock Canyon

We drive 1/2 an hour west out of Vegas to the Red Rock Canyon Park, the clue is in the name.

20130511-110251 AM.jpgMark goes running up a hill but forgets that he is already at 4,700 ft so the climb is more draining than expected. I am thankful that I get to walk this one out with the rest of the Taiwan contingent. And it’s hot, in fact it’s so hot that I don’t want to drink. While Mark does 4 miles we probably manage just over 1.

20130510-062901 PM.jpg

20130510-062925 PM.jpg

Back home to ingest the remnants of last nights BBQ for lunch before a trip to the dog park where I have an altercation with a young unfixed lab, I don’t like being dominated by these pups, and an attempted play with a ridgeback who seems more interested in some other mut.

They finish their day at a Mexican restaurant and get through more than one pitcher of frozen margaritas.

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