Princeton Junction to Onancock via Annapolis

Mark & Lisa– hit the road again today and continued the trek south covering 4 States – NJ, Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.  First stop for lunch was Annapolis, home of the naval academy and billed as a must place to visit.  We parked at the visitor centre and walked down the hill on Main St to find the first outside restaurant in the sun.  Although it was a bright sunny day it was freezing.


Lisa ordered a rather small crab but took great joy in hammering it to pieces and eating the parts that didn’t normally get eaten.  Crab not sufficient so we went off in search of the other hot item – crepes.
Annapolis seemed to have been taken over by parties of school children accompanied by teachers, or semi responsible adults.  The streets were soon echoing to the sound of Dalmatian!   Can I pet your dog?  The Dalmatian in question pretended to be oblivious to the unsolicited attention.
Departing Annapolis we headed over the long bay bridge and into Virginia where we left the interstate behind for the first time today and into countryside reminiscent of Ontario. Mr B appeared to be sulking as he was refusing to eat and slept for the entire trip.  He was definitely missing home!
At 4.30pm we arrived at a 300 year old town of Onancock (“foggy place” in native Indian tongue), supposedly the prettiest town of the eastern shore in Virginia, staying at Colonial B&B for the night.

Buckingham – at last we leave the small fluffy thing for the trip home – the wrong way surely!  for the past couple of days I have been eating well – bits of excess salmon – back to kibble this morning so hunger strike it is even though the breakfast bowl is put in my space in the car, and the space seems to be getting smaller every day.  urrrr!

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