Preparing for the road… again!

Buckingham – we have been in Los Altos over a week and it has been nice to be stationary for a while.  It’s so relaxing not having to think, plan and sort out our next stop, driving distance and finding a bed for the night,  albeit the relationship with Salsa has been strained at times.

Janie and Rex have been extremely kind and generous hosts.   Instead of kicking us out for staying for so long, they leave their house for a  3 day trip to Las Vegas.  We hope they win some $$.     Without her parents at home, Salsa has been very nervous all day.   To try and calm her we take her for a walk this afternoon and after a while she learns to heel.   Who knows she may be moving to Sin City in the future.

At the last minute Mark decides to sort his medical out for the Canadian visa application and gets an appointment in Mountain View, a good excuse for Lisa to visit REI in search for more Arcteryx.

Janie, Rex, Kevin & Salsa – many thanks for having us… and for so many days.   It’s nice to talk about the old times in Taipei when my Dalmatian predecessor brought you all together.   It is such a shame that we are not able to meet but I have you to thank for me being here today, for without Pokey Lisa and Mark would have never adopted me.

After dinner they make me jumpy.   It’s packing time again!   The car is loaded up with my food and the bags are prepared for tomorrow.   I won’t be able to relax until my bed is the car and I am safely ensconced in the back.   Then it is to decide which of the two new toys to leave behind for Salsa, decisions, decisions.

Having only got the next two days sorted Mark takes some time to try and plan the route north, perhaps along the Californian coast on 101, then a cut inland to Crater Lake followed by the express route through Oregon and Washington on 5 – hoping for dog friendly places on the way.   Please let the rain and cold stay away…  first stop Yosemite!

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