Post & bath day (sorry no pics as I am having a bath)

Buckingham – we are running in shorts this morning, not that it’s warm but the sun is out so we feel that we must take advantage of the weather before we go somewhere colder. I take my first bath for ages, not that I was dirty as Dalmatians don’t do dirty, but even I have to admit I do smell better now and my white is whiter. Can’t wait to get to he dog park this afternoon to mess it all up. My bed and towels also get a wash – it’s bound to rain soon then.

We have to stay in for most of the day waiting for the UPS man to arrive and deliver our mail that has been piling up at Mark’s cousin’s since we left Connecticut over 2 months ago. Many thanks Jon. 

Contained in the box is the latest edition of ‘International Living’ to provide more dreamy ideas of possible places to live. Don’t think that this future venture will involve me though.

Mark now has no excuse to put off applying for Canadian residency as the papers he needs are also in the box – he hates bureaucratic paperwork so will  probably find other distractions this afternoon. Lisa, though gets stuck into the mail and bills.

Mark is now back into trip planning mode and thinks that a side venture to Yosemite might be possible if the weather holds and it doesn’t snow. Sounds fun, however I will not be allowed on the park trails. Half Dome here we come!

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