The dreaded vet

Buckinghamthe day started off as normal then we went into Charleston for a walk about and lunch. We tried to get a table at the latest MacIntosh but they told us they won’t allow dogs, or it was really they’re too lazy to serve lunch. So we walked a block away into the sun and sat down at Joe’s pasta where I actually got served before them for a change – I like this place and I’ll be back! Down to the Charleston off leash area to play with the squirrels then on the way home – betrayal! We stopped at this nice building and on the way in I met another one of my kind on his way out so I got the tip-off. After much waiting around we went into this small room where I was man and woman handled by two doctors. I know that I have a bit of a bad leg (limp) at the moment but this went on for a long time and then the dreaded needle to draw blood. Anyway the good news is that I don’t have lyme but they have no idea what I do have, although my distress cost more than $200 and I have to take these large pills for a while. Mark and Lisa also tried to force a syringe into my mouth and I absolutely refused so they let me off the milky stuff supposedely to coat my sensivtive stomach. And because I don’t have to gag down the liquid, I cooperate and take my big round pill which makes me want to sleep all day, not that I don’t anyway.

Chip & Yvonne – if Buster ever needs a vet then we recommend Jonathan Shong at Bohicket Vet Clinic on Maybank.

Oh deer

Buckingham – we were up before sunrise this morning just to take in the beach – again. As the sun came up we were the only ones in sight apart from 2 young deer playing in the surf. Luckily Mark saw them before me otherwise we would have had another ‘Fenton‘ situation. No where for them to run apart from the dunes – well I may have had a chance.

Lisa insisted on trying local food so she ordered shrimp and grits for lunch. The fillers sit so heavy that she is still feeling bloated – it’s 10pm now. Serves her right that she stuffed her face instead of sharing with me… and I did tell her to save some for me.

So this is the routine, we walk back to the beach every afternoon until the sun sets. Tide is low again so we have a 10 mile beach and maybe 200 deer wide, hmmm, would that be about 1 city block?! They throw my favourite tennis ball and I fetch, but never retrieve, that’s their responsibility: get the ball, and oh, pick up after me.

we return to the condo, or shall I say that I take them back because I know my way around so well now. and the vegetation. I always stop by to sniff hello to my buddy shrub before turning towards the door. another 1/2 hour before my dinner is served…

Sullivan’s Island

Mark – Spent the morning planning the next leg of the trip which will take us further south to Florida for Christmas and New Year. So we are now booked into St Augustine for a couple of nights before spending 10 days in Fort Myers Beach.

We then drove to Sullivan’s Island, named after Captain Florence O’Sullivan, just north of Charleston, to visit Christine who has recently moved here from Seattle. Lunch appropriately enough at Poe’s (Edgar Allan Poe was stationed here for a year) sitting outside willing the clouds to part to give the sun a chance – and it was freezing! Spent the afternoon touring the island on bicycles and guessing house prices – and we thought Connecticut was pricey!

Sullivan’s Island – apart from being an important harbour for defence, the island also

Bunker come library

served as a ‘pest’ house with many bunker-like structures built as quarantine stations for the slaves before entering Charleston.

Back to normal

Mark – this morning the beach went back to normal after all the Thanksgiving weekenders left for home yesterday – hardly anyone around now and I only had to share the 10 miles of sand with about 3 other people – think that I can handle that. Buckingham and I are trying to cover parts of marathon course in the mornings but I am restricting him to 4 mile stints so I will have to do the extra by myself in the afternoons – if I get around to it!

After one week of being here Lisa had her first swim yesterday and met her first alligator – not in the pool with her luckily. At 5 feet long it was apparently a baby, needless to say she didn’t hang around to say hello to mum.



seabrook island

Buckingham  –  today is a bad day for me. the same routine of running on the beach was great. I get home, breakfast, boring food – no problem, until Mark and Lisa decide to drive to the next town of Seabrook island to check out the properties. they tell me it wouldn’t be long so I wait, and wait, and w a i t, a n d w a i t …..

they finally walk into the door (well it wasn’t really that long). I am so upset I don’t even get up to greet them, and they know. so they quickly take me back to the beach, where I am happy again, running. with the sun on my face and the wind blowing my ears back, I run, and I run, all over the wild beach as the tide is low. I forget my miserable time waiting because I can now run free. I love it here!

A day in Charleston

Buckingham – I’m not running this morning because I overdid it yesterday. I have a walk instead. The tide is high so I’m way up the dunes where I dutifully attend to my business.

I come home and settle for kibbles. it’s a dog’s life!!

Horse and carriage

We’re driving into ‘the city’, where Rhett tells Scarlett that he’s going back to Charleston for a life of charm and grace, and the colonial town is just that. Well-mannered, until I arrive… I’m normally very regal but today I lose it, totally. I am an embarrassment. It’s in my breed – I go berserk when I meet my soul mates, my lifelong companions: horses! I fight, I struggle to be free from my leash so I could be reunited with my 4 legged giants. I choke, hoping to break my collar but Mark keeps his grip tight. I bark, I howl, I’m desperate and I choke again but no use. I make a huge scene and everyone stares at me. Mark and Lisa choose a different street and my soul mates are no longer in sight and smell. We’re on Battery street, next to Charleston harbour. Oh the sea… it reminds me of Jersey shore, where I was adopted by Mark and Lisa. Alas, calm! I behave once again. Me going horse


Buckingham – we had just finished our normal morning run when we discovered a 3 mile open beach race happening later that morning-of course we had to enter. There were 100’s of runners and a fair number of dogs of all shapes and sizes so for the first time I had some real competition. We started off near the back of the pack and I spotted my nemesis – a boxer – we ran him down and easily overtook him. Next stop the lead dog who was running well with its human and it took me almost a mile to catch up. We led the dog pack at the turn and never looked back. With a mile to go Lisa tried to distract me with an introduction to a female dal but the finish line was in sight and we went for it! Victory. I met the female dog again and Mia is a snoot. She came 2nd in the national dog championship but hey, I have even nicer spots and a prettier face. So I snuff her back, not interested. I crossed the line first and I AM top dog. No one snuffs me.

Thanksgiving – Eve

For the past few days all conversations with strangers have ended with the words ‘Happy Thanksgiving’. In previous years this has always been something to look forward to, invariably dinner with the ‘UN’ and Karen cooks the feast – we miss you guys. This year it is just the 3 of us so we are feelin kinda empty. No doubt there will be fireworks tomorrow night so Mr B will be going nuts.


Buckingham – I keep getting these very prickly buds in between my pads when I go into the dunes on the beach – and they hurt like hell –  I have to slink up to Mark so that he can inflict pain on himself to remove them. I still don’t learn as I have to go back in the dunes again – that’s where the best smells are.

It rained last night and there was a bit of thunder so thought that I had better wake Mark up to tell him – how does Lisa sleep through this noise?

Nice run on the beach this morning – much cooler after the rain. Mark led me into the sea (I hate getting wet) and a wave almost had me over. Then this young girl dog from North Carolina wanted to play, doesn’t she realise that I am way into middle age and don’t do this anymore – especially with girls. There are some really big and expensive houses on the waterfront with private walkways that need exploring – hope that they don’t mind.

Back home for breakfast and a sleep.

Mark – the nice thing about living on a beach is that every morning is different. The rain made this morning’s run a lot more desolate with low clouds still lingering with the added benefit that only the more resolute venture out – fellow dog walkers and those in training for the race. 2 1/2 weeks to go and I still haven’t put the mileage in, Buckingham is limping a bit (not only due to the prickly buds) so I will have to limit him to about 4 miles a day which means that I will have to do extra mileage alone.

In the morning the tide tends to be out so that beach is much wider and is starting to remind me of my favourite beach anywhere – Saunton Sands in North Devon where I spent my last day (with my dog) in England 30 years ago before setting out on the Hong Kong adventure.