Buckingham – there is a saying that guests and fish are alike, they start to smell after 3 days.   Well, we have definitely been here more than 3 days but it suits me  just fine.  I am comfortable and even getting used to Salsa following me around.  Janie is still hoping that Salsa and I will become friends although she asking for a lot.

It’s a beautiful Sunday so everyone is relaxed at home.  Mark, Rex, the little wiener and I go for a walk around the  neighbourhood, it’s all road and hills. On the way back we put up a deer which the little one attempts to dash for, it’s far to far away to bother with. Lisa decides to go out to explore Mountain View and Palo Alto  and buy some proper food for me.   That’s 4 hours ago and she finally comes home with a toy for Salsa and I.   I play with my new ‘purple’ and Salsa ignores her basketball  and tries to snatch mine.  Ugh!    She doesn’t like it that I play with my new toy and barks incessantly.

Just when I know everyone is  home they decide to go out for an Indian dinner.  Janie scores by finding a good one – Steve Job’s favourite in Mountain View and he apparently visited here just  a few weeks before his demise. They conclude their gastronomic experience by going to a late night Gelato shop.I know all this because I can smell the aroma of Indian spices and my all time favourite ice cream which they usually share with me… but not tonight.

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