Not a potato sighted and into Pony Express territory

We go for an early morning run around the neighbourhood, I can’t find any wasteland to do my stuff so have to settle for the pristine grass of a hospital complex. We then hit the I84 to head SE towards Twin Falls to cross the Snake River and enter Nevada.

This part of Idaho is flat and apart from the irrigated fringes of the rivers quite arid. To think that the first settlers pushed through here into an unknown other than a notion that going west was best. And why did some just stay in the desert?

Turning south from Twin Falls the I93 becomes single carriageway and the trucks at the speed limit become a hassle to pass. Road is monotonously straight as an Indian’s arrow for mile upon mile. We spot dust twisters and are hit with our first rain squall of the trip.

We are at 6,000 plus feet and the flanking snow covered Ruby mountains in the distance are over 11,000.

We tank up in the desert town of Wells, apparently gas is less expensive here than Ely, our destination. Between the two is the east west Pony Express route, still some ponies around. Ely is a bit of a one pony town, minus the pony.

20130505-075906 PM.jpg

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