Kiawah Island

Buckingham – Our training begins in earnest – so I’m told. So it’s off before sunrise to find our way to the beach, and what a beach, 10 miles of hard packed sand perfect for running but not very interesting for sniffing. Even this early there are people, and a few dogs, down here. I am considerate and ‘go’ near a bin so he doesn’t have the inconvenience of carrying my bag while running, then it’s off, but I get distracted by the dunes – still can’t find those gators.

on our way to lunch we meet a spotted me!! and i thought i was unique. anyway, i go over to check her out but she is so unfriendly i think she wants me for lunch?! oh yes, lunch, or not… lisa and mark eat whilst I sit, watch and wait. it’s moment like this that I am reminded that I am a DOG! urrrr!!
back to the beach in the afternoon but this time it’s for a walk cos lisa is with us. never mind, the temperature is ideal and the sun is out so I have nothing to complain about. in fact, I am so content that I’ve decided to quit my hunger strike. there is no joy in being hungry so I swallow my pride and eat brown bits of cardboard that they tell me it’s kibbles.

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