I am a golf child

Feeling slightly better today and eat again, enjoying the leftover rice from the other night. I was really ill yesterday and unfortunately had to puke both indoors and out…it took them a day to find the indoor one which they spent quite a time cleaning up…what can I say…sorry.

Walk with Salsa this morning to the main gate of civilization and then he deserts me to play golf for the rest of the day. Nice course though and plagued by rabbits, now that would have been fun! Better to chase a fluffy four legged thing than a round hard white one that more often than not merely causes frustration. He does come back with extra balls though so it can’t have been too bad a day.

20130509-105112 AM.jpg

Sooo happy to see him when he gets back

20130510-081414 AM.jpg

The trip home is now set…A long drive to Reno, Klamath Falls (Crator Lake), Bend and Portland. I am looking forward to getting back into the green mountains again

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