‘Home’ to Princeton

Mark – The big day has arrived, we leave home for good (albeit we need to come back and actually pack at some stage). A mixture of emotions – sadness at leaving and relief that the planning is now over and we move into execution. Buck and I started as normal by running first thing – the final trip to Cranbury Park, which has been our free running green space for the past 5 years. I have always checked my emails after the run as that allows me a bit of head space to mentally organise the day while I am concentrating on other things like avoiding tree roots and dog stuff.

The sadness of the day was heightened when I came back and read that a good friend of ours from Hong Kong had died following a short illness. Jack – thanks for the many stimulating conversations and advice – you will be missed.

Back home to check the list of things that need to be done before we leave – last-minute trip to the bank to organise an account and put the life vitals in the safe deposit box. We eventually leave the house at about 2pm and as we are leaving friends just pop in to say a last goodbye – thanks Yvonne, Pat, Jane and Bill for thinking of us.

Our chariot with Thule on top







About to go!







 We got as far as New Canaan and just had to have lunch at Chef Luis – our favourite restaurant so the actual departure time was later still. Note to self – leave early – driving in the dark is no fun. We eventually arrived at Jon, Julie and Maddie’s just after 6pm (Lisa having done a bit of verbal road rage on the way) and Julie has dinner waiting. After dinner I futilely attempt to beat Maddie at some Wii game – well she does practise every day.

Buck – Up at the crack of dawn again – what is he thinking waking me up at this time every day. Quick trip to Cranbury where I come oh so close to catching my first squirrel.

Me at Cranbury

We get home and I am sure that something is going on so make sure that I stick to both of them. At last – my bed goes into the car – relief! Two hours in the car rewarded by arriving at my cousin’s (Bella) I am getting used to her even though she is a bit too fluffy for me.

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