Home and a return to a normality

It is amazing what nature has done to our garden in the time that we have been away, less than two weeks but we have almost missed the tulips and as someone predicted, the hosters (large spreading plant) have taken over once again. Our friends Daryl and Sharon have been around a couple of times it seems to water the plants but Daryl has also mowed the lawn, twice! Many thanks guys.

I am up and about early in the morning and we drive to Lake Padden to run our familiar home trails. I still haven’t eaten too much so he doesn’t push me that hard. We return home before the rain sets in, the necessary downside of having the garden spring to life, and catch up with all the things that have been left undone in our absence.

The evening brings a full house as Mark is hosting the ‘Filthy Dirty Dozen’, his running team for the 200 mile Ragnar relay that takes place in July. They are 9 for dinner around the kitchen island and the wine ensures that they have an animated conversation about the race. It will be a non stop 24 hour relay so should be fun!

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