Go West…again

Buckingham – Mark and I decide to do the ‘bug loop trail’ this morning.   It starts off easy enough then we lose our way up the mountain side.  I go completely nuts as I haven’t had a good off leash walk for quite a while and I run like a mountain goat up and down the near vertical slope no doubt scaring Mark ****less.   We scramble down the hill to the riverbed, get stuck and he has to help me clamber over the rocks.   We come across a natural rock pool complete with waterfall which must be nice when there is no frost on the ground.

The bug café is almost empty for breakfast as most of the other resort residents are completing their exam after their month long EMT wilderness course.  Mark swaps gore stories with one of the course participants and ruins her breakfast.   We return to the room to find Lisa just getting out of the comfy tempurpedic bed.

We hit the road just after 10am and go west and north.  They succumb to their first fast food of the trip, a Mac and a KFC…ugh!  After lunch is another 2 hour stint, what seems to be the ugliest drive since our trip through the central valley of California with bad roads, industrial landscape and many corrugated tin roofs of indescribable commercial ventures.   And so on to Santa Rosa stopping at the local dog park on the way to check-in.   My bed is once again moved in to a new smell.   They let me sniff out the room and off we drive again to check out Sebastopol, a small town which is supposed to be trendy and artsy.  We drive back into Santa Rosa and find a huge line up outside the Russian River brew house.   Lisa inquires from the patiently waiting person further down the queue and learns that they’re bringing out a brew.  It must be good or there is just nothing to do in this town.

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