Farewell Silvermine

Mark & Lisa – A fantastic send off prior to our trip from our friends and neighbours. It’s at times like these that we question why we are leaving the area as we have so many very good friends here.  



Thank you so so much Janet and Yvonne (and Katie, Tom & Chip) for organizing this for the three of us, so very much appreciated and it was so nice to be able to talk to everyone individually without having to worry about the party setup.

With our hosts - The 'Brownies and Fishes'

We all had a great time and it was good to have friends from all aspects of our lives come together in one place – the Silvermine community, sailing, dog, Lisa’s Italian mentor and physio and not least our very own ‘U.N’. Having the opportunity to say farewell to them all in one place was truly great. We have really enjoyed our 6 years in Silvermine and it is difficult to leave behind so many friends. You are a great community and we can never replace you!

The party beneficiaries

 Buckingham – Wow what a party! I had a feeling that something was up as the house has been in turmoil for a couple of days now. I love having so many people at home but it does get a bit tiring after a while – there is only so much food that a dog can steal.

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