Dog walk in Crissy Park

Buckingham – we meet up again with Sam, Marie, Ethan & Zoe today for a walk.   We drive into San Francisco and walk along the seafront of Crissy Field to Fort Point in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.  On this sunny Saturday afternoon the beach is full of walkers, runners, strollers and dogs of every flavour possible. We watch ‘Costa Concordia’ expectantly as a cruise ship navigates under the Golden Gate Bridge – from here the clearance isn’t that much!

 It’s a 3 mile stroll and Ethan tries to walk/run the entire length but eventually gives in and retires to the buggy.   We finally finish our walk at 3 pm and retire to a famous burger joint in the Ferry Building next to the downtown pier.   We sit outside for the benefit of Zoe and I.  The garlic fries with pesto are out of this world and I manage to catch a sliver in mid-air before it lands on the ground.

Lisa and Sam’s grandmother used to live in San Francisco but neither of them know where and she apparently fled the city overnight in fear of an apparent big earthquake – somewhere we have a house to claim!   The conversation progresses to the family scandal about their grandfather and the large number of half aunts, uncles, and cousins that they share.

It’s a catastrophe that they forget about my depleting supply of kibble.   They  frantically search high and low for a pet store that stays open on a Sunday night without any success.  I am now reduced to eating Salsa’s abandoned crunchy brown mini bites for little dogs whilst she is upgraded to a juicy chunky beef dinner in a can with a picture of ME on the label!   How do they get it so wrong?!    In protest, I refuse to eat only to find out that Salsa steals my dinner a kibble at a time until she licks clean my bowl so I go hungry.  Moral  of the day is …  take what is given and not for granted.

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