Our 10+ miler in the land of the Lost

We set off from Arroyo Park in the Chuckanuts and head up hill of course. He has an idea of following the ridge line to Lost Lake, 5 miles to the south. Once we gain the elevation the trail levels out and becomes a pleasant and eerily quiet single track with not a soul in sight. Although it’s Sunday not many venture this far into the woods and even fewer dogs. We get to the lake and I celebrate the turn around by going dog mental, running at full speed in a circle feigning to take him out – shouldn’t really be doing this at my age. On the level track back there is a sign for Raptor ridge heading for a higher elevation, too tempting so we return to the cloud base and head up.

On the way down we bump into some friends who are on the way up at a more leisurely hiking pace, we discuss perhaps joining them for a group walk next weekend.

For the remainder of the run I find myself lagging behind and am thankful when the car comes into sight.

Stats: time 2hrs 20 mins, dist 10.47 miles, elevation 1,600 ft

20130521-075248 AM.jpg
The Lost Lake

20130521-075304 AM.jpg

Crater Lake and Bend

We leave our resort at Klamath Falls after an early morning run through the golf course, no time to play unfortunately. Skirting Klamath lake we take the back roads to Crater Lake, the rim road has still not been cleared of snow so we just go to see the magnificent view of the deepest lake in the US and the 9th deepest in the world. So quiet up here.

Back tracking to the south to join the road north to Bend we of course detour around a scenic drive and circumnavigate Bachelor mountain, the local ski area for Bend, the destination of the day. We stop briefly for a paddle in one of the many lakes that dot the route.

We arrive in Bend, Oregon (perhaps our new favorite town). It has a laid back quality feel and is the outdoor capital of the State. Lisa enthuses about the shops while we head off to the park by the river, where luckily there is a cafe selling local beer, and so we sit.

We sit having dinner on the street, good food, happy hour prices and water for me, what more could we want?

20130514-074956 PM.jpg
Crater Lake

20130514-075031 PM.jpgMe at the lake

20130514-075101 PM.jpg
Paddling at Elk Lake

20130514-075135 PM.jpg
Bachelor Mt

20130514-075214 PM.jpg
Wigwam in the forest

20130514-075248 PM.jpg
Beautiful Bend

20130514-075318 PM.jpg
Beer in Bend

Race day

He gets up at 5am and quietly dons the running kit, my hopes are up so I get up as well although it seems far too early. It is soon apparent that I am not included so I at sit at the door and sulk, I know it hurts him.

20130511-105608 AM.jpg

20130511-105831 AM.jpg
He is off to a 10k race in north Las Vegas, 7am start to escape the worst of the heat but it still pushes 30 Celsius, that and the elevation, not to mention last nights margaritas, have an effect on his performance but he still manages a credible 3rd overall. The course is mainly over open ground with little protection from the quickly intensifying morning sun, not sure if it is this or taste of Mexican alcohol that dries the mouth out before the 1/2 way stage.

“This was a tactical race as I hadn’t been training for almost 2 weeks and the elevation and heat I knew would get to me. In fact I didn’t decide to compete until 5am this morning. I was aiming for a time of sub 45 minutes, a bit off my PR so just tried to keep my time below 7 min mile for the first half. I managed to keep in touch with the guy in 3rd place with a view to making a move in the last mile or two. We ran side by side for a while then I made my move 2 miles out. Surprisingly once I passed him he pulled up with cramp so then it was just a matter of pounding out the final distance in the sun alone for the remainder of the race. The second placed runner who had started out really quickly was slowing throughout the final few miles but I realised that I had little chance of catching him. In the end I finished strongly just 90 seconds behind the race winner.”