Final day of 2011 & SW Florida

Final sunset of 2011

Buckingham – We actually saw a dog wearing sunglasses on the beach this morning and yes they did match those of its owner. There is absolutely no chance that my two will ever put me through such an indignity.

We have lunch at a dock side restaurant where I completely miss the resident cat (splash) who was apparently rescued after being thrown from the adjacent bridge and has never left the restaurant since.
In the afternoon the fireworks start and I begin the howling on the beach, this is going on all night and my worries are multiplied as we come back and they pull out the bags to begin the packing – again.  I’m not sure if the fireworks are worse or the uncertainty.
In a way it is fitting that we turn a corner in our trip at the end of the year, we no longer head south but west and will no longer be in the sun but into the sun. Geographically we are less than 1/3 of our way but in reality probably closer to 1/2 way into our time frame. Let’s see what serendipity will bring as we make the mad dash west through the deep south.

2012 will be our year of the unknown, for the first time ever we have no idea where we will be this time next year other than it will be somewhere new and that we will have visited many places in between.

Happy New Year everyone – enjoy!