Becoming an international Dalmatian and a sports dog

Buckingham – at 4.48pm today I officially become  a cross border dog as at the last minute we decide to head into Canada and get to Vancouver in time for dinner.

Before that however means we have to get there.   We eventually leave the warm hospitality of our Seattle host Bryan mid morning with the aim of going north and perhaps checking out the border towns of Bellingham and Blaine.  First though we hunt for a stateside post office so that we can mail the written postcards that have been piling up.   We hit I-5 north in the sun that is desperately trying to come out and convince us to stay a while longer in Seattle  but we resist the temptation as Lisa has made an appointment with a realtor in Blaine

First we arrive in Bellingham and are given the ‘brief tour’ advice by the Tourist Information office.    We come upon the small suburb of Fairhaven which has a ‘good feel’ about it.   Maybe we are influenced by the unusual bustle of a Saturday lunch time but we have a good feeling about this town.   We make a quick diversion to one of the towns real estate office and are provided with more than we need by Dick, shame that we are in such a hurry and he isn’t because he even offers us lunch – what a nice person?!    Anyway, we promise to come back, which we will, and re-join I-5 to continue north to Blaine where we meet up with Lilla, a Peruvian realtor.   The two houses that we are looking at are in a gated community, which wouldn’t be our choice, but this one has a golf course and a marina:  what more would 2 lazy getting older humans and a dog want?!

We arrive at Lisa’s brother’s house and I discover a brand new sport, or rather, I introduce everyone to a new way of playing table tennis.  I stand next to the net and try to catch the ping pong ball then sprint to chase it from one end of the table to the other.  Failing to catch it, I would take over from one of the players at the end of the table and leap into the air to catch it in my mouth, when I deem this as scoring a crushing point.  What fun although incredibly exhausting.

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