Atlantic Beach to Kiawah Island

Buckingham – So I am up again very early for my beach run. it’s great. I love it! the 3 of us take off at 9 and begin our long march from North to South Carolina. I am starting to hear the southern accent now,  it’s kindnna strange but the folks here are friendly, and they drive slow… ain’t nobody speeding. oops, they’re fighting!! Mark needs his caffeine fix so he gets cranky.Lisa tries to find him Starbucks but bing app shows a wrong location: 3 hours of stand still (noisewise) in the car so I better keep to myself. My joints are stiff from being cramped in the back but I dare not break the silence. We finally stop at Myrtle Beach (Las Vegas on sea) in search for lunch and found a spot by the ocean. Food, so I hear, is awful. Lisa has the worst salad in her life and Mark’s crab cake is greasy… hey, I don’t mind wilted brown greens and oily seafood if they would just let me have a taste… hello?!!

We’re finally here, at Kiawah Island! I bark at this man who opens the car door to welcome Mark and Lisa – watch out, this is my space!

Now they tirelessly unload their life belongings into the condo. No, no need to move my kibbles. I refuse to eat any more brown bits of crushed up cardboard, but i want my toys. Wait, don’t forget my milk bones! I sniff around and approve of the condo. this place has 3 bedrooms: perhaps so they can have their own when they next need their caffeine fix and I can have my own when I decide to be cranky… one big happy family under one roof.

Mark and I hit the beach in the dark – have to stay leashed cause I can’t see the gators – whatever they are – this is going to be a cool running spot.

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