And onwards to Vegas!

My first off leash run for a few days on a sandy desert trail from the hotel. Didn’t go far but better than nothing.

We leave our one pony town relatively early and head south towards the bright lights of Las Vegas 250 miles away. More arrow straight roads through wide open plains between ranges of mountains and millions of desert shrubs. We can see the rain advancing towards us in the distance and enter a squall without warning, the car needed a rinse.

20130506-104133 PM.jpg

After 4 hours of minor roads we rejoin the I15 for the final leg into Vegas, sidestepping the strip and arriving at chez Janie and Rex in time for lunch. The reason why we have made this 1,200 mile journey is for a reunion of a group of friends that they made while living in Taiwan. In addition to Janie and Rex I look forward to meeting Nancy, Craig and Joe for the first time. I am told that Janie and Rex are the reason for my present life as Lisa and Mark had part time custody of their dalmatian Pokey all those years ago in Taipei. We apparently share certain positive characteristics, not to mention a few spots. I am also reunited with my ‘pal’ Salsa, their new smaller yappier ward. Her house so I give her space but make my mark.

20130506-104252 PM.jpg
Lunch over we venture to the closest dog park. What is it with pit bulls and aggression and why do their humans think that they wouldn’t hurt a fly, nevermind me. I am taken with this black long lean good looking four legged who seems to be able to run faster than a greyhound. Oh well, don’t feel like catching him up so I venture on my own with Salsa trailing behind me.

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