The Spanish Trail to the Valley of Fire

We awake to the birds chattering at 5am outside the bedroom of our Spanish Trail house (one of the chicy communities in Vegas). He of course thinks that it would be a good idea to get an early start on the day and run around the complex, taking care to stay within the safe confines of the gates and walls – how would we get back in if we went out? The golf course and its green manicured grass is off limits so we run to the far side of the community on its pristine, you could eat your dinner off, roads. Just a few early morning joggers and doggers about and traffic is limited to 15mph so not unpleasant but I do miss the open trails of the Chuckanuts (our home mountain range).

An hour later we return home to greet Salsa as she begins her day slightly later than me, coffee on though and I found my spot in the sun.

20130507-080438 AM.jpg

We drive back up the I15 to the Valley of Fire State Park, lots of Sedonaesq red rocks in the middle of the desert.

20130507-040904 PM.jpg

20130507-040918 PM.jpg

20130507-040936 PM.jpg

20130507-105659 PM.jpg

20130507-105709 PM.jpg

I have been sick and am off my food so they leave me at home and dine on a huge buffet at the Palms. As I lie here now next to him I know that he regrets the excess.

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